Our passion

Crypto Merchandise started with a vision to inform the masses of a revolutionary technology that would alter the world’s traditional means of transferring value.  With the polarizing media coverage surrounding Bitcoin’s meteoric rise throughout 2017, we knew the general public had both interest and reservation regarding this new form of “internet money” and needed a trusted, reputable source to look to for guidance.  In April 2018 we launched our physical pop-up store in an attempt to convey to the public that cryptocurrency is not an ethereal, dark web phenomenon, but a practical and accessible technology with real users and a market for physical products.  Our effort was met with great enthusiasm, as well as great skepticism.  Feedback ranging from “we will see Crypto Kiosk’s everywhere!” to “this is bull&$%#” were shared on a daily basis.

With the continual market downtrend, we were faced with the reality that the general public was simply not interested or willing to currently pursue further education into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, and were left with the decision to either pack up and go home, or pack up and hit the road.  We chose the latter and began attending and sponsoring local community meetups, receiving positive and warm receptions everywhere we went.  Even in the current bear market, the crypto community was very much alive and strong!  We began building relationships with community members and continued to grow our customer base.  We are now focused on building the world’s premiere crypto webstore and continuing to provide the highest quality crypto merchandise available.

We thank you for your support and look forward to serving you for years to come!

To the moon,

-Crypto Merchandise